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OWA Change Password Page Guidelines Exchange 2007

Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007 - Add Some Guideline Text To The Change Password Page.

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This article will explain how to add some organisation-specific password guidelines to the OWA 2007 Change Password page.

First, look for the changepassword.aspx file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\Owa\forms\premium folder. Make a copy of it (important if something goes wrong), and then open it in Notepad. Scroll down until you see the following text:

  <td class="tdBdy">
    <div class="spc"><%=LocalizedStrings.GetHtmlEncoded(Strings.IDs.ChangePasswordUsage) %></div>
    <div class="spc"><%=LocalizedStrings.GetHtmlEncoded(Strings.IDs.ChangePasswordUsage2) %></div>
insert some code between the two existing DIVs so that it looks like this (the guidelines here are my example only):
  <td class="tdBdy">
    <div class="spc"><%=LocalizedStrings.GetHtmlEncoded(Strings.IDs.ChangePasswordUsage) %></div>
<div class="spc">
When you choose a new password,
please make sure that it is at least eight characters long,
that it contains at least one number,
and at least one punctuation character.
    <div class="spc"><%=LocalizedStrings.GetHtmlEncoded(Strings.IDs.ChangePasswordUsage2) %></div>
Save the file back, and you should see the extra text the next time you use the Change Password option.

If you want to make a similar change to the Basic client password page, look for the basicoptions.aspx file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\Owa\forms\basic folder. Look for a line that says <%RenderOptionsControl();%> and immediately after it, insert the following

if(Request.ServerVariables["QUERY_STRING"].IndexOf("ChangePassword") != -1)
  Response.Write("When you choose a new password," +
    "please make sure that it is at least eight characters long," +
    "that it contains at least one number," +
    "and at least one punctuation character.");

This .aspx page is used for several different functions, and so the code has to check what we are trying to do. Sadly, since most of the output comes from compiled code, it isn't possible to put the guideline text anywhere better than at the top of the page frame.

As with most of these type of modifications, you will need to check that they still function after each product update. Sometimes your modified file will be replaced by a new one from the update.

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